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6 Questions to Ask Yourself before Selecting a Conference Venue

Millions of conferences are hosted each year. Whether it’s an in-house conference, a business conference or a public conference, there are millions. So what do all of these conferences have in common? Well sure, they all need a speaker and attendees, but the most important factor here is a venue that can handle their demands.

So how does one go about finding a venue for your next conference? Well, there is a simple question you need to ask yourself first; How many delegates will be attending? This is before anything else.

You need to understand that in order to find the correct place to host your conference, you need to know how many people will be attending. You obviously won’t be able to put 80 delegates into a conference facility that can only host 40? Right?

So what else do you need to look at besides the delegate attendance numbers? Find out below.

1. Can the venue handle the numbers?

It doesn’t help you look at venues that are too small to handle your requested capacity for your conference. It doesn’t help either looking for a venue that can seat a thousand people, unless you’re ambitious of course. Stick to your numbers and find a great venue to host your conference.

2. Is the venue available on our requested dates?

It doesn’t help that you get the ideal venue, but it isn’t available on your dates that you have planned. Make sure to compile a short list of venues and enquire the dates at all of the selected venues in order to make sure that you can see what is and isn’t available.

3. Does the venue provide accommodation?

This is an important factor if you are attending an in-house business conference. You don’t want to have every delegate situated in a different hotel across town. Plan so that the venue has accommodation available for all the delegates. Not only will it help with location based activities, but with socializing off-peak hours too.

4. Is the venue accessible by public modes of transport?

You don’t want to book a venue in Timbatoo unless you stay close by. Make sure the venue you decide upon is close to an airport, highway or freeway, bus stops etc. It’s important that commutes won’t take hours on end to get from point A to point B.

5. Does the venue cater for food and beverages?

Make sure that the venue caters the appropriate food and beverages that you need. Make sure that they provide food for special request guests too. It’s an important factor to keep everyone of your delegates happy.

6. Does the venue suit your budget?

Great. You’ve found a five-star hotel with all of the above mentioned details, but when you receive the final booking quotation, you end up on the floor from flipping your chair when you looked at the figures. Make sure that the hotel is reasonably priced and that it fits your budget that you have laid out for the conference.


As you can see, these are merely 6 simple questions to ask yourself. You need to understand that there is a lot more planning that takes place in order to host a successful conference, but these can start you off on the right track.

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