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Top 5 Things to Look for when Choosing a Hotel Room

Most of us have a memory, sweet or terrible… or maybe both about some past accommodation experience. Therefore, learning from those experiences we all come to a place in our lives where we are very particular on where we want to put down our heads or where we want to spend a few well deserved days of rest. For some, a hotel room becomes a way of living, for others it’s just passing through. We all have our own life quality and that mostly determines our criteria for the room we want to stay in. Nevertheless, here are 5 things one can take into consideration which can determine if that memory is sweet or something you rather want to forget.

1. Location

Your goal should be to place yourself in a spot where you are in reasonable reach of the most important attractions in your holiday destination. What can give you more joy than making ready to go to the beach, leaving your vehicle in the garage? If you plan to spend most of your holiday on the beach, it won’t hurt to find a room within walking distance, but also keep in mind you will sometime need to do some shopping, wine and dine or visit some scenery.

2. Security

Paying a bit more could mean a gate closing behind you when you park your vehicle in a secured area with secured fencing, a security guard, a room that can securely lock and even a safe which nowadays becomes a necessity. The surrounding area, the reputation of the neighborhood, the people in the street, the fact that the gate to the street is locked at all times could be the difference of your comfort and safety while enjoying a well deserved rest knowing that your valuables wont disappear in some mysterious way.

3. Price

High season will be less easy to bargain while out of season there are more rooms than people to fill them. If you are flexible when it comes to your time off, be on the look-out for specials. It won’t hurt to bargain around these specials to add some more time for a special rate. If you are not to serious about high season you can always hunt for a bargain or a special price to fill a room for a few more days (which will always be a good deal for a hotel or accommodation… it’s better than an empty room). And if your budget allows it, stars are a system keeping accommodation up to standard and can ensure the best service and amenities.

4. Quality

Quality can be seen in the way the manager and staff runs there business and if they are proud of what they can offer you. A place can be old, but it must be clean. Everything must be in working condition and nothing is left broken. Determine what the accommodation is offering in sense of amenities such as breakfast, outdoor relaxing areas, Wi-Fi, secure parking, TV, laundry, transfers, kitchenette facility, complimentary tea or coffee or whatever you expect on your wish list and make sure it meets with your expectations.

5. Atmosphere

If you want to stay more than just a couple of days, it is important to check in some way what type of people books with you. If you have to share the accommodation with them, make sure they are the people you can associate with. If you’re not the backpacker type, do not book in at a backpacker type accommodation. Do your research first!

Friendly personnel can also determine whether or not you enjoy your stay… one must be able to become friends with the people who serve you. Their hospitality can make you feel at home. Check the atmosphere of the accommodation. Is that what makes you feel at home?

To Conclude

Well it isn’t always possible to jump in your vehicle or on an airplane to go and check out the accommodation spots. Now days we are privileged to have a multitude of resources to check out the places where we want to go. If an accommodation is worth it and good, you will find it on the internet, their own website on travel sites and you will find proper photos of the facility and rooms. Search for ratings and feedback on the specific accommodation and if you still not sure, phone the information service of the specific town or city and ask them for recommendations.

Happy holidays!

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